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Add The Luxury of Living Art to Your Life


Corals. Fish.

Custom Design.

Install. Maintain. 

We Have Everything Your Aquarium Needs

At Treasure Coast Corals we are the #1 source for Ocean, Reef and Aquariums (ORA) in the State of Florida.  We have a full retail store and sell Aquacultured Fish and Aquacultured Corals.  We are opened to the public and located in beautiful downtown Vero Beach.

We are the top aquarium design and install company in Vero Beach, Florida.

We offer aquarium maintenance and cleaning services and operate anywhere along the Treasure Coast.

Custom Design & Install 

Custom Design & Install 


Bring increased productivity, luxury and intrinsic value to your hotel, office, or restaurant with a custom designed aquarium.


Treasure Coast Corals brings 20 years of marine science to the table when planning your custom aquarium design.  We design and fabricate any size from 60 gallons to 60,000.


We work with contractors and designers to integrate your custom aquarium into their designs.  It’s time to leave a lasting impression on anyone who comes through your doors.    


Did you know that having an in-home aquarium has many positive health benefits?  According to studies a custom designed aquarium can aide in reducing stress and anxiety.


Treasure Coast Corals would like to work with you to achieve a custom designed aquarium for your home that will be beneficial both aesthetically and on a healthy note. 


We will work with you one-on-one to design the right in home aquarium suitable for you. And, as we do with our corporate clients we work with contractors and designers to integrate your custom aquarium into their designs.


As a bonus, Treasure Coast Corals provides full aquarium upkeep and cleaning to continue to provide you with a stress-free zone for you and your new in-home aquarium.

Aquarium Leasing Is An Option 


We don’t want you to be left without the benefits of enjoying an aquarium.  Therefore, we have come up with a solution…leasing an aquarium.  Yes, leasing an aquarium. 


We are so happy to be able to provide you with the luxury of living art with our leasing program. 


We provide the installation, livestock,

food and maintenance.


We offer stocked aquariums, and the ability to tailor your tank beneficial to you and your budget.

This is a great opportunity for almost anyone.

We have many lease packages available and look forward to discussing them with you.

Seasonal Snow-Birds - Medical Offices - Assisted Living

Retirement Communities - Dental Offices - Country Clubs - Restaurants

Hair Salons - Nail Salons




Aquacultured corals

have many advantages over wild caught corals.

Our corals in particular tend to be heartier and can handle a few aquarium mishaps, they don't have to be taken from the wild again, and best of all they don't have pests or predators!

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Treasure Coast Corals takes pride in our marine life.  Therefore we seek nothing but the best for our customers.  All of our aquacultured fish either come from ORA or Proaquatix. These two companies are at the pinnacle of marine ornamental fish breeding.  Rest assured that you will get a quality fish that will be hearty and healthy.

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Marine Invertebrates are the most diverse and curious creatures on earth. They are thought to comprise up to 95% of all the known species on earth. They come in many shapes, sizes, and colors.

Most invertebrates are easy to care for because they are simple creatures that are lower on the food chain. They will scavenge or rely on photosynthesis for most of their nutrition. This is good for an aquarium since they eat uneaten food or waste from your other inhabitants

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Improve water quality of your reef with the addition of live plants. Plants and algae help clarify water by "consuming" nitrates, carbon dioxide and even some metals. Marine algae also serve as a food source for many marine species including tangs and angels.

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Purchasing quality equipment helps ensure that your aquarium will always stay clean and healthy. Planning the proper setup is also key. Your system can remain self-sufficient if it is properly set up through planning. 

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