About Inverts

Marine Invertebrates are the most diverse and curious creatures on earth. They are thought to comprise up to 95% of all the known species on earth. They come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. Most invertebrates are easy to care for because they are simple creatures that are lower on the food chain. They will scavenge or rely on photosynthesis for most of their nutrition. This is good for an aquarium since they eat uneaten food or waste from your other inhabitants.



Whether having an Aquarium as a hobby or as a conversation piece in home or in a business we will help you build it. Our knowledge comes from over 10 years of experience as a marine scientist.  We will be honest and tell you what works.  We provide full service of aquariums. 

We provide all services to Vero Beach, Sebastian, North Hutchinson Island, Micco, Palm Bay and may also go outside of our service area for special aquarium installations.  Contact or visit our store today. 

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