Acropora are the backbone of most reefs around the world. They are also the most finicky of all corals in an aquarium. They require top notch water quality and stable parameters daily. Have no fear though, modern lighting and skimmers along with a better understanding of water chemistry and quality allows for these beauties to shine!


Montipora are some of the most colorful corals you can get. They are also the most forgiving SPS. There are 3 types of Montis within the hobby. Plating(caps), Encrusting, and a hybrid type that combines the previous two types. Many aquarists choose to use a nice monti cap as the first SPS in their tank. They are hardy and can handle some parameter swings but nonetheless, they are SPS and they do require stable parameters.



SPS corals require stable temp and alkalinity. If you wan't them to grow, keep your Calcium and Magnesium where it should be. It isn't as hard as some may think.



Whether having an Aquarium as a hobby or as a conversation piece in home or in a business we will help you build it. Our knowledge comes from over 10 years of experience as a marine scientist.  We will be honest and tell you what works.  We provide full service of aquariums. 

We provide all services to Vero Beach, Sebastian, North Hutchinson Island, Micco, Palm Bay and may also go outside of our service area for special aquarium installations.  Contact or visit our store today. 

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