Aquacultured Corals?

Aquacultured corals have many advantages over wild caught corals. Our corals tend to be heartier and can handle a few aquarium mishaps, they don't have to be taken from the wild again, and best of all they don't have pests or predators.

We quarantine EVERY coral we bring in to the store for a minimum of 6 weeks.  Before any coral is added to our colony tanks we ensure that they are pest free which provides you with a quality coral that you can feel confident to place in your tank upon purchasing.



LPS, which stands for “large polyp stony coral (or large polyp scleractinian)



SPS = Stability Promotes Success. Modern aquarium lighting and filtration allows anyone to keep these gems if they maintain stable parameters. Keep the big 3 in tolerance. Alkalinity(8-10dKH), Calcium(400-440), and Magnesium(1300). Doing this will promote the health of any coral in your tank and it will allow for SPS to thrive. It is assumed that salinity, temperature, and nitrates are all stable everyday without fail.


There are many different types of soft corals. Soft corals lack the calcium carbonate skeleton that their counterpart hard corals have. They are very easy to keep, and most can tolerate low lighting and higher nutrients in their habitat. Three of the main soft corals in this hobby are Zoas/Palys, Mushrooms, and leathers.


Whether having an Aquarium as a hobby or as a conversation piece in home or in a business we will help you build it. Our knowledge comes from over 10 years of experience as a marine scientist.  We will be honest and tell you what works.  We provide full service of aquariums. 

We provide all services to Vero Beach, Sebastian, North Hutchinson Island, Micco, Palm Bay and may also go outside of our service area for special aquarium installations.  Contact or visit our store today. 

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