Tank maintenance is the most important ingredient to a healthy tank.  A healthy habitat provides a home that is conducive to maximizing the beauty of corals and fish.  The beauty of a thriving livestock tank creates interest by observers and presents a relaxing focal point of any locations. 


TCC offers several plans to help residential and business tank owners make their tanks this focal point.


We have water and want you to take advantage

of our water delivery service.

We make your life easier.


Contact us today to set up delivery.


Purchasing quality equipment helps ensure that your aquarium will always stay clean and healthy. Planning the proper setup is also key. Your system can remain self-sufficient if it is properly set up through planning. Here at TCC we pride ourselves in building solid systems that can last years with minimal maintenance. We only carry products we use in our aquaculture facility and we always try new products to help give advice if a customer needs it based on our experience with a product.

We have RO/DI systems for sale. This helps for when you need to top off your tank after doing water changes.


A Few Brands We Carry


Frag Glue


New Vision


Ocean Nutrition


Ocean’s Blend




Red Sea



And Many More



Whether having an Aquarium as a hobby or as a conversation piece in home or in a business we will help you build it. Our knowledge comes from over 10 years of experience as a marine scientist.  We will be honest and tell you what works.  We provide full service of aquariums. 

We provide all services to Vero Beach, Sebastian, North Hutchinson Island, Micco, Palm Bay and may also go outside of our service area for special aquarium installations.  Contact or visit our store today. 

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